Why choose Transfer Printing?

  • Perfect for low quantity T-Shirt runs, same shirts, promotional clothing, hen and stag do’s etc
  • Produces high-quality printing replication
  • Allows full-color designs

Transfer printing is the process of printing your designs onto special transfer paper and then applying the transfer paper onto the t-shirt or garment using a commercial heat press. It enables full-color images to be printed very quickly and is a great option for promotional clothing.
We can use Transfer Printing when printing onto both light and dark colored T-Shirts and garments. The Transfer paper used for dark T- Shirts and garments is slightly thicker that what is used for light T- Shirts and garments. For this reason, some people do not like the feel of the transfer paper when printing onto dark colors T-Shirts or garments.

If your design is a special shape we can use our cutting machines to cut it to shape (cut out transfer printing), and then apply the design in its unique shape rather than a full square or rectangular. When transfer printing onto light T-Shirts and garments the material is much thinner and softer so you can hardly feel anything on the T-Shirt.
The quality of the printed T-Shirt or printed clothing is directly related to the quality of your image or photograph, so you must supply high-resolution artwork or images. Low-resolution artworks or photographs may produce blurry printed images. We recommend at least 150dpi as a resolution.

  • Colors may start to wash out and fade after 10/15+ washes
  • We can print up to A3 sized transfers